Main Service

Procurement Service

We offer parts, tools, instruments, PPE and equipment for your EPCM and operational projects as an authorized dealer for international brands.


Level sensors


Motoros, Starters



Additional Service

Consulting service
Through our expertise and the network of extensive partnerships, we offer solutions to optimize processes, increase safety and efficiency of industrial projects. In all stages of the project beginning from the concept, engineering, construction, commissioning, training and operations. Contact our team for consultation, process assessment and troubleshooting. Be it in an enrichment plant, safety procedures, or supply chain integration.
After Sales
Rest assured, your team is supported by the reliable team at Orem, after your project is commissioned. Configuration optimization to the application, service planning, parts availability, maintenance support, repairs and calibration.
Training for operators, technicians and engineers using our equipment is provided with the commissioning. In addition skill certification trainings for pumps, process equipment are available at our partners internationally. Tools and PPE utilization trainings are available on request.